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Purepoxy Coatings

Consec Edmonton

PurEpoxy is a leading North American manufacturer of high-quality liquid polymer products for commercial, industrial and residential projects. Our products are used to make decorative coatings, concrete repair compounds, chips and quartz floor systems.


EZ Polish is a concrete polishing system that uses Precision Tooling measured by a surface texture RA meter. We use this technology to measure the Roughness Average (RA) texture of the floor through its refinement process. RA Meters are used in the metal industry to ensure that surfaces of critical parts are manufactured to specific RA numbers no matter where the plant was located in the world.


The ASL RT8 is a self-propelled concrete floor grinding and polishing machine. Featuring a 32″
cutting path and a planetary gear driver capable of reaching remarkably smooth surfaces. The integrated electric-powered transportation wheel allows for easy transport.


The Bosch CSG15 5- In. Concrete Surfacing Grinder has a dedicated dust-collection shroud for a cleaner work environment, as well as plenty of power. It delivers 12.5 AMPs and up to 9,300 RPM, for concrete grading, surface preparation and other tough concrete applications.



GelMaxx slurry products were designed to help the contractor during all parts of the cleanup phase. The unique formula uses organic materials making it safe for the environment and operators, while maintain EPA compliance. Our AQUAmaxx separator reduces the amount of concrete slurry while producing reusable water for jobsite machinery. Our ECO-QUICKgel solidifier absorbs concrete slurry into a dry material that can be disposed immediately in any standard trash container.