If you’ve reached the stage during your home renovation project where you need to level out the concrete floors, you’ll need a grinder. Using a concrete floor grinder to polish floors and restore them can complete the look of your home and extend the floor’s lifespan. They’re the perfect tool to achieve this, however, it can be difficult to understand exactly what type to purchase and what to look for in a concrete grinder rental.

Before you step into Royal Coating & Supply for your concrete floor grinder rental, we’ll help make this decision-making process and understanding of this machine far easier. Here’s our guide to selecting the proper concrete floor grinder rental to ensure your home renovation is a success.

1. Number of Discs

Concrete floor grinders function by scraping the surface using the rotating discs that are equipped to the bottom of the grinder. The number of discs on the equipment determines the amount of surface being scraped. Here are the disc examples:

  • One Disc: A grinder with one disc is most useful to work in corners against a wall and other confined spaces. They are gear-driven, which can make the grinding pattern rather aggressive, leaving scratch patterns that is not a practical solution to concrete polish.
  • Two Discs: The additional disk allows for more floor coverage, which cuts down on time. There is significant pressure that grinds the surface effectively and eradicates any paint and adhesive.
  • Three Discs: For complete performance, a three-disc grinder evenly distributes the weight of the grinder for proper balance, while providing strong grinding. Large surfaces can be covered efficiently due to the additional head.
  • Four Discs: Able to cover and grind long spaces in a much shorter amount of time, a four-disc grinder exerts less pressure on each disc, which makes it quite effective

2. The Power and Size

The wider the concrete floor grinder is, the more floor space it can over in less time to complete the polish. The size of the machine is often dictated by the number of discs installed. The grinding intensity and size of the grinder determine the power it needs to operate. 

3. Health and Safety

Ensuring you operate your concrete grinder rental safety is our priority at Royal Coating & Supply. Consider the following before purchasing a grinder to ensure you select a suitable machine:

  • Power Source: Gas is often the power source used for most grinders, however, for indoor or poorly ventilated spaces, propane or electricity should be used to power the grinder.
  • Dust Control: To keep dust out of the air while you operate the concrete floor grinder, most will have a built-in vacuum or a separate vacuum to absorb dust.

Royal Coating & Supply is your first-rate choice for concrete repair products and concrete grinder rental for your home renovation or commercial renovation needs. We supply only premium, high-quality equipment to ensure your project is successful. If you have more questions about our products and services, send us a message at https://royalcoatingsupply.com/contact-us/!

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